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Four Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019


What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is an overarching term for all things related to online marketing, including everything from SEO to social media to websites to email marketing and everything in between. You might be asking yourself, what is the big deal about digital marketing? Currently, 89 percent of Americans use the internet. As time progresses, that number will only increase. For credit union marketers, this means having an emphasis on digital marketing is imperative.


Here are four big digital marketing trends for credit unions to watch in 2018.


The next time you are in line at the grocery store or sitting at a restaurant, look around and count the number of people looking at their cell phones. The number of Americans who own smart phones has more than doubled to 77 percent since 2011, and that should come as no surprise. Having a user-friendly mobile app is the ideal option, but if that is not an option, your credit union website should be mobile-friendly at the very least.

Allowing members to register for text updates is also a great way to add mobilification to your digital marketing strategy. If your credit union is offering a discount on tax services or free coffee at a local coffee shop, notify your members through a text alert. Start by sending one or two text messages a month and monitor the response.

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