Unlock the Hidden Capital in YOUR Credit Union

Where is it? It is in your consumer charge off portfolio. Even though you’ve already written it down to zero, there’s money in that portfolio. A lot more money than you may think. And we’ll help you put it back on your balance sheet.

You can use this money to improve your capital ratio, fund current and future loan demand, pay member dividends, reduce operating expenses, sponsor a community event, or for any other legitimate purpose. It is capital that can help you sleep at night. 

Or you can leave it where it is and do nothing until the federal reporting statute expires and your portfolio becomes worthless.

Consider the facts: During the 7-year period from 2016 through 2022, U.S. federally insured credit unions charged off $44.5 billion in consumer debt. $34.8 billion (78%) of those losses remains unrecovered and most of those borrowers have regained their capacity to repay. 

These accounts are still within the federal reporting statute and the vast majority are eligible for recovery. With our help your charge off portfolio can be transformed from written-off assets to valuable capital.

How much is your charge off portfolio worth? CU Revest can tell you, with no obligation, how much of your charged off consumer debt can be put back on your balance sheet. Our predictive analytics model is based on thirty-three key repayment attributes of more than 1 million borrowers and $4 billion in assets under management since 1997 and has consistently proven to be accurate to within one standard deviation. 

This is capital that can be either recovered over time or paid to you in one lump sum. In fact, as one of our several recovery options, CU Revest is currently looking to outright purchase charge off portfolios of $5 million or more. 

To learn more about capturing your hidden capital, click here to read “Unlocking a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity” in Credit Union Business Magazine.  Then call us and we’ll tell you how we can put charged off unsecured loan and overdraft balances, deficiency auto loan balances, stranded HELOC and credit card balances, even mortgage loan balances back on your balance sheet where they belong. 

Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps:

1. We both sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect your non-public consumer data

2. You upload your charge off account data to our secure ftp server (it’s simple and secure)

3. We run the data through our predictive analytics and present a written analysis within 7 days, including:

o A 5-year Recovery Over-Time Option: the predicted net dollar amount paid to your credit union per year, or

o An immediate Purchase Option: an up-front portfolio purchase amount to be paid to your credit union

4. We execute a mutual agreement or return your data. There is no fee for this valuation, and you are under no obligation to engage CU Revest.

CU Revest (www.curevest.org) was created by seasoned financial services veterans more than a decade ago to help credit unions recover charged off consumer debt obligations by providing strategic solutions to member-borrowers who have fallen victim to events that have temporarily derailed their financial security. A Special Asset Management Credit Union Service Organization – and NOT a collection agency - CU Revest has recovered millions of dollars in “abandoned, cold-case” charge offs while returning more than 14,000 “prior-prime” members to a positive relationship with their credit union. CU Revest can be a part of your credit management team working with your internal staff as well as your third-party collection agencies. Or, if you prefer, CU Revest can provide both 1st and 3rd party collection services, as well as immediate or over-time purchase of your charge off portfolio. CU Revest can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. One way or the other, we’ll help you put capital back on your balance sheet and “prior-prime” members back in good standing.

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