How To Incorporate Standing Desks Into Your Credit Union

Many professional organizations, such as credit unions, worry that standing desks can ruin office appearances. Learn how you can successfully incorporate them.

For a long time, all professional organizations featured standard sitting desks. When you walked into a credit union or similar business, the employees all sat at professional desks. However, now that we better understand how prolonged sitting can negatively affect workers’ health, it’s time to implement some changes. Since credit unions put people first, these establishments should be at the forefront of this adjustment from sitting to standing desks. If you’re worried this change could hurt the professional appearance of your office, discover how you can incorporate standing desks into your credit union. 

Place Standing Desks in Private Offices and Communal Spaces

One of the keys to incorporating standing desks into a professional space is to intersperse them with the traditional seated desks people expect to see. Place standing desks in communal workspaces as well as private offices; this allows employees to choose how they work. When desk options are combined in this manner, standing desks can look just as professional as seated desks.

Mount Cables Underneath the Standing Desks

Messy cables running around standing desks can diminish their professional appearance, even if you’ve alternated them with seated desks. However, you want to make sure the cables can move easily so you don’t damage anything when moving the desk to different heights. To avoid causing damage and organize the cables, mount them underneath the desk. Workers can then raise and lower the desks as needed and the cables will stay in one accessible place.

Add Anti-Fatigue Mats to Standing Desks

Just as seated desks require mats for wheeled office chairs, standing desks require anti-fatigue mats for workers’ feet. You should have one anti-fatigue mat per standing desk so everyone can comfortably stand and work. You can buy mats that match the flooring in your credit union or coordinate with existing decor. Most clients won’t notice the presence of the mats, but ensuring they coordinate with your credit union’s aesthetic will enhance their overall visual appeal.

Encourage Employees To Move

Standing desks already encourage movement from sitting to standing positions. However, you should also encourage employees to stretch at their desks to prevent discomfort while working. Stretching during work can boost productivity, and employees can try various exercises while standing, such as hand clasps and wrist rotations. Healthy, productive employees will feel better at work and work better for your establishment’s clients.

Incorporating standing desks into your credit union is easy if you’re willing to try. You can even take this healthy initiative a step further and encourage workers to stretch or perform simple exercises during the day. Your employees will appreciate your concern for their health, which will encourage them to better serve your credit union’s clients. 

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