4 Ways To Improve Client Experience at Your Credit Union

Financial institutions are important and necessary parts of our society. Unfortunately, that can lead institutions such as credit unions to deprioritize client experiences. They must come to you anyways, so why spend extra time and money on the client experience? Credit union members can always take their business elsewhere. Even if you are the only credit union in your area, they can go to other areas or move completely online if they are unhappy with their service. 

You must work hard to improve the client experience at your credit union in order to keep current members happy and attract new ones.

Collect and Use Contextual Data

You’re probably already collecting data from clients. For example, you need their contact information to notify them about their finances. However, you also need contextual data to improve the client experience. 

Contextual data is any gathered information that provides valuable context for a person or event. For example, contact information can function as contextual data if it helps you understand how far a member drives to reach the nearest credit union location. If multiple clients are driving over half an hour to reach your location, consider installing an ATM or establishing a secondary location closer to them. This improves their experience, and they’ll want to stay with you instead of switching to a closer credit union.

Offer Financial Literacy Information

Many Americans lack financial literacy. Fortunately, you can step in and educate them with free resources in person or online. As clients learn more about financial literacy, they can make better choices for their credit and other finances, which can turn into profits for you as members use your services more often. They may even tell other people about your helpful resources, helping you grow your customer base.

Provide an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omnichannel means integrating different methods of customer interaction. For many businesses, including credit unions, this means providing a consistent customer experience online, over the phone, or in person. No matter how a member interacts with your credit union, the process should be easy to navigate. 

You should make employees the backbone of every channel so clients can always receive the help they need. This can look like offering live chat features on your app or website, allowing members to speak to a representative over the phone, and creating a positive office environment. Despite online and phone options, many people prefer in-person assistance, which is why it’s important to clean your office building.

Train Employees in Hard and Soft Skills

Since employees are the backbone of the omnichannel customer experience, they need skills training. While hard skills in the financial industry and your credit union are important, don’t forget to train soft skills as well. Even if an employee knows everything about credit, they may fail to help customers if they cannot communicate effectively or show compassion.

Improving client experience at your credit union is a continuous endeavor, but these four ways can get you started. As you implement these improvements, ask members for feedback so you can continue to cater to their needs and serve them well.

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