Latest CU Growth Outlook Research Released

Latest CU Growth Outlook research defines new member-centric model to win the moments that matter 

Today’s consumers feel less financially secure than ever before. From rising interest rates and runaway inflation to job losses and bank failures, members look to their credit unions as beacons of stability in a chaotic and worrying financial landscape.  

To ensure long-term growth, credit unions must be a part of their members’ daily lives, capturing more of those everyday interactions as the gateway to a new model of member-centricity. This is one of the key takeaways from the 2023 Co-op CU Growth Outlook research to be released at the THINK 2023 conference on May 3.  

Learn more about this insightful and eye-opening research conducted by Co-op in partnership with EY and Mastercard.  

Industry Insights

Advantages for credit unions to offer crypto services to members  

Despite the turmoil in the crypto market in the past year, Co-op Chief Strategy Officer Dean Michaels believes there is a great opportunity for credit unions in this space. He sat down with CU Today to discuss the advantages that exist for credit unions looking to provide crypto services to their membership base, and how Co-op's partnership with NYDIG as part of its new Strategic Provider Program will help members access digital assets safely and securely via their credit union’s electronic banking interface.

Product Highlight

Case Study: P2P solution plays an important role in driving member experience for Clark County CU 

In Q1 of 2023, small businesses and consumers completed over 639 million transactions on Zelle®, according to a recent report featured on PYMNTS. 

When Clark County Credit Union’s legacy peer-to-peer payment solution was not meeting member expectations, CCCU reached out to see if implementing Zelle® through Co-op was the better option for its members. Within the first 12 months CCCU had already seen 54% of it's user base active on the platform. 

For Matt Becker, Chief Technology Officer for CCCU, the online and mobile channel is critical, and Zelle® plays an important role in that experience. “Simply put, if we offer the majority of our products and solutions through online and mobile banking, we have a higher chance of becoming our members’ primary financial relationship,” he said. “Zelle® is an important piece of the PFR pie.”

Learn more about CCCU’s success with Zelle®.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss the Q2 Update on Thursday, May 4 

Join us for the Co-op Q2 Update, our interactive series designed to keep you informed about the credit union industry, Co-op and our latest product releases and updates – coming to you LIVE from the THINK 23 stage in Tucson, Arizona.  

This exclusive 60-minute live event will feature: 

  • Co-op President and CEO Todd Clark will share an update on the state of our industry today and how Co-op can help credit unions grow and thrive.  
  • Chief Strategy Officer Dean Michaels will cover the importance of an ecosystem strategy and platform businesses to better deliver for your members.   
  • Chief Product Officer Bruce Dragt will provide an update on our 2023 Roadmap and the new products and enhancements in development this year.  

DATE: Thursday, May 4, 2023 

TIME: 10:30 a.m. PT/ 1:30 p.m. ET 

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