MBFS Reaches Two New Milestones: Serving Over 100 Credit Unions & Servicing Over $2.5 Billion in Business Loans

TREVOSE, PA (April 11, 2023) - Member Business Financial Services (MBFS), a CUSO formed in 2008 to assist credit unions with underwriting, funding, and servicing member business loans in their markets, recently reached two new milestones. MBFS now serves in excess of 100 credit union partners nationwide and services over $2.5 billion in member business loans.

MBFS’ highly experienced team provides strategic development assistance to credit unions starting new, or expanding existing, MBL programs. By focusing on prudent risk management coupled with exceptional member service, the MBFS team provides nationwide loan underwriting, loan document preparation, loan funding and servicing, portfolio management, and coordination of loan participations, in addition to other MBL-related services.

"Now more than ever, credit unions have an opportunity to provide the affordable financing solutions their local small businesses need," said Mark Ritter, Chief Executive Officer of MBFS. "MBFS has expanded significantly because we have the experience and staff required to navigate the business lending landscape. We look forward to continuing to customize our solutions to fit our partner and potential partner credit unions' needs. MBFS is committed to assisting credit unions serving the small businesses that are so critical in their local markets."

MBFS' Relationship Manager program allows institutions to share the cost of an in-market origination team with other lenders in the same geographic region. MBFS also offers a host of à la carte services with no annual fees or retainers to those credit unions partnering with the CUSO. 

About Us

MBFS assists credit unions in procuring, underwriting, processing, and funding business loans within their markets, as well as nationwide. The CUSO also provides individualized servicing options tailored to each of the credit unions it serves. Headquartered in Bucks County, PA, MBFS’ remote workforce of experienced lending professionals currently serves over 100 credit unions with a combined servicing portfolio in excess of $2.5 billion. The CUSO is well positioned to continue the expansion of its member business lending, participation, and servicing success. Learn more at www.mbfs.org.

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