Why We Should Think About Our Members’ Fico Scores


er voice was perky as I sat down. “Welcome to the
Bank of Colossus. My name is Mary. How can I
help you?”
“Well, I’m interested in a loan….”
Her voice rose as she leaped into her spiel. “Oh
wonderful! We have great loans. BIG loans. SMALL loans.
in every shape and size. What kind of loan will it be today?”
She handed me a document that said “Authorization to Check
Credit” and ripped it out of my hand the second I signed it.
She was typing faster than a teenager texting a breakup
message to her boyfriend. “You will just love being one of our
truly valued patrons at Colossus. I’m sure you’ll qualify for our
lowest rates. Can I get you coffee? Espresso? Water with lemon?”
With a flourish she pressed enter and … waited. Suddenly
her computer beeped.
“We have five levels or rates, our ‘awesome’ rate, our
‘exceptional’ rate, our ‘preferred’ rate and our…” A deep frown
spoiled her happy face, just as deep frowns tend to do.
She stared intently at the screen momentarily, her
expression impassive.

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