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When Disaster Strikes – Keeping the C-Levels Busy During a Crisis

Here are nine basic functional areas to manage the environment of your crisis.

By Kenneth Schroeder, CBCP

Ok, you’ve got your business continuity plan in place and you’ve exercised it, so you’re confident it will work just fine. Everyone’s signed off on it, and even your examiners have not torn it apart during their last visit. (They never praise anything, right?)

You’re feeling confident.

Disaster strikes. Of course, Murphy’s Law comes into effect, striking at the worst opportune time, and the disaster isn’t anything you listed in your risk assessment or your plan. A lightning bolt from the blue, a sewer backup that floods your building, a drunk driver plows his pickup through your lobby. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s happened. It’s a real disaster. It’s time to implement.

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