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What About Radio? An Open Letter to Credit Unions about the Past, Present and Future of Social Media

By Jason M. Dias

Where we have been: A brief history of Social Media

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 4.03.21 PMCompuServe was founded in 1969, lighting the fuse that would travel 33 years before igniting the social media explosion. In 1989 CompuServe began allowing incoming and outgoing email. AOL turned ten in 1995 when it gave away so many free introductory CD-ROMs that I used them for beverage coasters in my cable-ready apartment. As early as 1995 you could go online to chase down high school friends and ex-sweethearts on, providing your spouse was not using the house phone line. Two years later online blogging became big and in that same year an AOL executive began using the term “social media” to describe AOL’s unrealized goal. In 2002, Friendster, a site still popular in Asia, created a version of social media most like what we’re familiar with today and, a year later, LinkedIn arrived for grownups and MySpace showed up for kids. In 2004, the fuse finally reached the keg of dynamite—Facebook—and boom: Social media as we now know it had blown into our lives! Two years later a smaller, but no less impactful, aftershock exploded: Twitter. Now you can tweet about anything.

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