Ways To Strengthen Your Credit Union’s Remote Workforce


CUs, like all businesses in the financial industry, must maintain constant vigilance about security and compliance. For this reason, many credit unions have hesitated to adopt work-from-home policies. How can you ensure that employee, application and member information stay safe when employees are working on different devices and networks? Protect your teams and empower your employees with these ways to strengthen your bank’s remote workforce.

Make Learning Part of Your Culture

Whether you’re onboarding people remotely or helping team members transition to remote work, learning should be an ongoing process in your business. Create training modules, best practice guides and other resources for employees to reference as they get used to working remotely. Manuals, training refreshers and department round tables are great ways to make sure every employee — no matter how experienced or skilled they are — can sharpen their skills and stay up to date with best practices. Remember, constant learning means constant improvement no matter where your employees are.

Keep Up With Security Training

Comprehensive and routine security training is one of the bestways to strengthen your CU’s remote workforce. The world of cybersecurity changes every day. If your employees are going to work remotely, they need to be experts in security best practices. Emphasize lessons on recognizing phishing attempts, avoiding viruses and scams, using secure passwords and profiles and more. When your employees always know the latest security practices, your business is less likely to suffer a data breach.

Empower Your Teams With the Right Tools

If you want your employees to find success while working remotely, you need to give them the right resources. The key is to utilize software and applications that balance security and accessibility. Your employees should be able to access all the tools and resources they need to perform their job successfully. At the same time, all your resources and applications must be secure. A cloud infrastructure that includes Windows Virtual Desktop is an invaluable tool for financial businesses. WVD allows employees to access everything they need from wherever they want — all within a secure and compliant network. Empower your team and move forward confidently, knowing you have the right tools to help your business move forward securely and successfully.

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