The Real Marketing Challenge


By Tony Rizzo

I just had a conversation with two people at the same credit union. One, the marketing director. The other, the CEO. It was startling to me how both had very different views of their business. Neither was on the same page with regard to vision or the strategies and tactics required to effectively grow the business.

Does this sound familiar? We recently witnessed a significant military event that required precision. This effort demanded years of intelligence gathering, planning and precise execution. All parties involved had to be on the same page in order for that operation to be successful. To compare that with the growth of your credit union may seem ridiculous; however, I believe that unless you and your marketing department are on the same page strategically and tactically, you will not have the ability to serve your members at the highest level possible.

In many institutions, it seems the CEO and marketing department are not on the same page. This could be attributed to right brain/left brain analysis or it may be that your marketing department does not quite understand the business challenges at the macro level. With that in mind, it is your responsibility as CEO to communicate what issues are impacting not only your credit union but the financial services industry. Armed with this information, your marketing department can prepare communications programs and sales plans so your institution can succeed.

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