The Importance of Hiring a Paper Shredder Service


One of the best ways for businesses to prevent data breaches and remain in compliance with laws like HIPAA is teaming with a reliable paper shredding service.

When it comes to running a business, especially a credit union, data protection is crucial. One of the keys to ensuring proper data protection is how you dispose of old documents containing sensitive information. Unfortunately, relying on an in-office shredder isn’t going to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This is exactly where the importance of hiring a paper shredder service comes into play.

Hiring a reliable, NAID AAA-certified paper shredder is the best way to ensure your physical documents are thoroughly, securely destroyed. As a business, it’s your moral and legal responsibility to take care of the sensitive data that enters the office physically and digitally.

The issue with shredding documents in-office and tossing them in the trash is that the second the trash bin leaves the office, the information inside becomes susceptible to theft. Allowing this to happen increases the chances of a data leak occurring and your company’s reputation getting damaged, while potentially putting you in costly legal troubles along the way.

When hiring a paper shredder service, businesses need to conduct a thorough background check on them. Look for client reviews and NAID AAA certification before committing to one service. Likewise, ask them questions such as how many years they’ve been in the business, how exactly they handle/dispose of your information, and what security measures they take when hiring employees.

Aside from ensuring they’re a reliable service, businesses also must talk about scheduling options with paper shredders. First off, you should have the option for onsite or offsite shredding. Beyond that, you should have the option of setting up a consistent shredding schedule. How frequently a business must dispose of sensitive documents varies from company to company, so be sure the shredder can work within yours.

Some will need to shred on a daily basis, while others only need such services monthly. However frequently you require it, set up a schedule ahead of time so you’re not stacking up old documents at an excessive rate between shredding appointments.

As you can see, the importance of hiring a paper shredding service comes down to their ability to effectively dispose of your sensitive data in a reliable, secure way. This is particularly crucial for businesses dealing with financial information and other personal data that, without the proper handling, could be swiftly exploited by malicious people. With a good shredder on your side, you’ll be making an integral step to preventing data breaches from occurring right under your nose.

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