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Stuck in the Middle? – How Today’s Managers Can Avoid Stress and Burnout

Here are 8 management strategies that can help you be a success to your employees and the company

By Dr. Rhonda Savage

Are you waking up at night with workplace scenarios playing through your head? These are tough times, but there are definitely ways to cope. What will give you the cutting edge? Leadership laced with humor, sensitivity and a great attitude.

After all, managers are dealing with so much stress these days. Their employees are worried about layoffs, and salary cuts prevail. Cuts in worker hours are shrinking paychecks. In addition, more work is piled on existing workers rather than hire new ones.

Caught in the middle of it all are the managers. They’re the ones who are faced with the need to double the impact of the business and increase productivity, while at the same time downsizing their teams and keeping the top producers happy!

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