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Staying Connected – Making The Most of Facebook

Following the HICCUP approach can help your social media efforts become more successful.

By Genae Girard

Every company is trying to use Facebook in an attempt to move their business forward, and stay connected to their customers in this fast-paced world. Why are some companies more successful at this than others? Content is the key to staying in touch with your customers, and keeping them informed. The content, however, must be a rich mix of information, education, humor and fun. Use the HICCUP approach to make your Facebook page more successful:


Humor allows your audience to come away with a warm fuzzy feeling, and a friendly attachment to your message. It doesn’t have to be industry-specific, although it can

be. You can do viral searches on YouTube and/or sites that plug social media. Always watch a video all the way through before posting, as you don’t want it to include any profanity or other unmentionables. Remember video is king. Written blogs are being trumped by the clever, colorful and often fun video blogs.

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