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Social Media and Your Brand

by Kenneth C. Bator, MBA

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.41.05 PMA few years ago, a colleague of mine read an e-mail my firm had sent promoting a loyalty program that also doubles as a social media management system. She sent me a message saying basically, “What’s up with this? I thought you hated social media.” My reply was: “I hate going to the dentist but that doesn’t keep me from seeing one every six months.”

Since that time I have found that you need to post on social media sites a lot more often than every six months if you want to use them as effective tools. I have also found that I have come to enjoy social media and that I like it much more than dentists! No offense to anyone in the dental field.

That same year, I dedicated myself to embracing the nuances of social media and becoming an expert rather than be left behind. While I wouldn’t consider myself a full expert just yet, I have come to learn exactly how social media can be used within the overall marketing mix.

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