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Selecting a Digital Project Vendor


Your credit union has an incredible vision for a digital project. But now comes the hard part: finding a vendor that can breathe full life into that vision. These tools will help ensure the vendor you select won’t necessitate CPR on your project down the road.

One of the most important parts of launching a digital project is selecting a vendor to execute the vision you have for it. When Solarity Credit Union decided to undertake our large website project, we took great care in choosing a vendor that aligned with all of our expectations and values. We want to help give you the tools to select a vendor that you will be thrilled with. Here we will share with you the pre-work, request for proposal (or RFP), communication and selection processes we followed to achieve our digital project goals.

Vendor Selection Pre-Work

For the pre-work phase of our vendor selection process, we primarily asked ourselves questions around our goals and strategic vision.

  • What are your project goals? The first step in being able to effectively communicate and execute your project is understanding your goals and what success looks like for you. This stage should also include a note about whether your project goal is to do a facelift of a current system or website, or if it’s to completely re-build.
  • How do you want to verbally communicate your brand? How do you want to visually display your brand? Understanding how you speak about and display your brand to your target audiences gives you a high level of brand awareness that is critical when bringing a new vendor into your inner circle. Being able to communicate your vision for the future of your brand will help your new vendor acclimate to your way of approaching your business. In turn, it will make it easier for the vendor to approach the brand in the same way as well.
  • How do you imagine the project going? Before involving a vendor in your project, you should have an idea of what the planning, execution and final result of your project should look like. Giving a clear explanation of these expectations in advance will make sure everyone is capable and poised to execute.

Sending an RFP

Write out a detailed overview of your digital project plan in an extensive request for proposal (or RFP). When creating this RFP for our website project, we were sure to be clear about our process and end goals, as discussed above. We also included details about our needs and wants for our new website.

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