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Reflecting on the Past Technology’s Impact on Communication

It still remains important to communicate to your important publics, whether by using the newest technology, or the old-fashioned paper and pen.

By Andrew S. Edson

With technological changes literally whirring by in the communications milieu–i.e. witness podcasts, blogs–as newspaper circulation and classified advertising sinks to new levels, perhaps it’s time to reflect on some key moments that stand out in this evolutionary process.

When I started out as a newspaper reporter in Memphis, there were two daily papers, both broadsheets as opposed to tabloids. This was the industry standard, and people tended to place more faith and credibility in the broadsheet.

My editors back then asked me to write at the level of an eighth-grade educated reader.  I wasn’t working for The New York Times, and a perceived higher-brow audience. But, we were also told, and admonished if we didn’t, to keep our opinions out of the copy. This was the purview of the editorial pages. We were to render detached opinion from all sides of the story, and allow the reader to reach his or her own conclusion.

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