Recruiting Millennials: Activating the Under 25 Crowd


How South Carolina Federal Credit Union is using technology to get young people excited about finance

By Laura Enock

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It’s always difficult to sell young people on the future, but it has never been more challenging than it has been with millenials. Because they’ve been raised on the instant gratification of pocket communication and high speed Internet access, the promise of a potential reward—thirty years into the future—does little to ignite their passions. This is especially challenging for credit unions, which excel at establishing themselves as lifetime financial partners in their communities.

Part of the problem is age-old: Many young people do not realize they need financial services until they’re mired in debt or have credit problems, at which point it may be too late even for credit unions to do much more than help them pick up the pieces. Of course, it’s far better for everyone involved if teens get started down the path of financial security early on in life.

And that early involvement is just what South Carolina Federal Credit Union aims to achieve. Rebekah Pieper (Marketing Segment Manager) and Meredith Siemens (Executive Director of Public Relations and Communications), worked with the SCFCU team to develop a new marketing strategy to help make finances more approachable.

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