Plan the Work; Work the Plan: How Technology Can Help Credit Unions Improve the Onboarding Process



The overwhelming benefits of onboarding for a credit union make the task a poor candidate for the backburner. Yet that’s typically where it ends up among employees’ myriad other responsibilities. Keep reading for tips on how to overcome this missed opportunity by giving onboarding fuller attention.

Generally speaking, credit union employees today operate with the best intentions and strive to do their best for accountholders and, in turn, the credit union itself. This mindset extends to “above and beyond” tasks, or those extra efforts that are not always possible during busy times in an employee’s regular shift. Yet when these tasks are done – and done well – the credit union reaps significant benefits, such as increased engagement, retention and revenues.

Onboarding is a perfect example. Most credit unions realize that new account onboarding is one of the most effective ways to create a positive member experience, foster long-term loyalty and differentiate their institution. Yet like so many other strategies that we all know will pay off – “if we only had time” – onboarding often gets relegated to a secondary task for employees to do when/if they have free time.

More specifically, many credit unions and other financial institutions ask employees to help onboarding (or various other accountholder services) whenever they’re not busy. Yet this type of policy is simply too vague and doesn’t do enough to hold employees accountable. If the old saying “what gets measured gets managed” is true, onboarding usually falls into the opposite categories. Despite employees’ good intentions, onboarding simply doesn’t get the full attention that it should, resulting in a huge missed opportunity for the credit union.

Why focus on onboarding?

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