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Are You Ready for Your Digital Future?

A growing number of technology trends—from the massive influence of the cloud and mobile devices, to the impact of big data—are pressuring all types of…


20 CU Sales Myths Debunked {Part 1}.

As I travel the country to provide training to salespeople and their leaders, I encounter many myths about selling. While some are quite funny and…


A 20/20 View Into the Current State of Open Banking

 Just a few years ago, financial institutions and fintechs seemed to be squarely positioned on a collision course, with institutions working to protect their customer…

3 Credit Union M&A Trends You Should Know About

In the age of digital transformation, credit unions’ business models are being put to the test. To stay relevant and competitive with powerful, big bank…


3 Core Liquidity Principles

Recent events in the repo market serve as a reminder for depository institutions to continue to heed essential liquidity procedures, considering that the Federal Reserve…

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