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Like most people I hate going to the dentist. Regardless I go every six months because I don’t like the alternative and the consequences that come with it. This year has been particularly challenging from a dental perspective as I have made a number of visits to an oral surgeon to correct an issue that was the result of an injury over a decade ago. I’ll save you all the details with the exception of the afternoon following my last visit.

Sitting down on my favorite chair in pain and discomfort, I decided to forgo work and lick my wounds, pun not intended. I found myself blinding clicking through the channels until I stumbled upon a movie I had seen before titled Our Brand is Crisis.Released in 2015, it stars my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock. And, yes, my wife already knows she is my favorite actress. I had seen the film originally because I see just about everything Sandra Bullock stars in. I found it entertaining the first time but nothing I intended to go out of my way to watch again.

This time I found myself watching it with a learning purpose, possibly because I secretly felt guilty for watching TV on a Monday afternoon and not working on one of the many tasks listed on my to-do list despite my oral discomfort. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Bullock plays a brilliant political strategist who is brought in to save a Bolivian presidential candidate’s drastically failing campaign.Immediately upon the scene she tells her colleagues that dragged her into this mess that their candidate is a loser. After acquiescing that she will probably be going back home just days after arriving, she sees something in the brand of the candidate they can use after he punches a heckler in the mouth.

She realizes that he is a hard, arrogant, and unrelenting man that in no way they could convince the voting public that he is this nice, caring individual they have been trying to portray him as. So, as a brand expert, Bullock’s character quickly moves to playing up the reality that Bolivia is in “crisis” and that her candidate is the only person that can save them. They successfully build his image as the guy you may not like but the exact, tough and strong-willed individual to pull the country out of calamity. Spoiler alert! Bullock’s candidate wins the election.

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