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Org-Chart Goal Setting


Employees who understand how they fit into your credit union’s grand scheme are more engaged employees, but how do you convey that understanding to them? Turns out the old organizational chart isn’t so old school after all. With a few modern twists, it can be just the tool to get the message across loud and clear.

A picture says a thousand words. I’m not sure who coined that phrase but he or she was on target. That’s probably why some of my past clients have emphasized visuals when presenting to their board members. “They just love charts and graphs,” or some reasonable facsimile thereof, is usually what I’m told.Well, it’s not just credit union volunteers who love visuals. Almost all of us do. This, of course, includes our employees.

Odds are that even the most engaged staff member isn’t going to read the 18-page summary of the strategic plan. Heck, you would be lucky if more than half of the team read the annual report. And, Mr. or Ms. Executive, do you really think any of the employees were actually tuned into your 30-minute “rah rah” speech for more than a minute or two during that team-building program you held on Columbus Day?

Many experts, including myself, state that every employee needs to understand how his or her work aligns with the achievement of the organization’s goals. But how do you communicate that message clearly when half the team is thinking about all the work they need to get done from yesterday and the other half is running a replay of the latest “Game of Thrones” episode in their heads? By using a very old tool in a new way. That tool being the organizational chart.

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