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Leading Your Sales Culture from Reactive to Proactive


Is your credit union stuck in a reactive sales rut? Switching to a proactive sales approach with your members could keep business at your credit union that would otherwise go elsewhere. Keep reading to see how such a shift helped one credit union’s production and loan growth skyrocket.

Credit union sales is a passion of mine. This is why I left my very comfortable credit union career a few years ago and started Nick Brown Consulting, a credit union–specific sales consulting and training company. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, early on in my career I had a very different perspective on sales and the role sales played in the branch.

While still in my first credit union position as a teller, my focus was not on selling but rather processing. I remember one memorable performance review I had. I had failed to meet my lofty sales goal (six product sales p/month) 10 out of the previous 12 months. When asked about this lack of success by my managers, I responded simply, “I process transactions; I am not a salesman.”

What I came to understand later, and what completely changed my perspective, was that credit unions sell to serve. In fact, if credit union employees are not reaching out and selling to their members, they are not truly serving the members’ needs.

One credit union I’ve worked with this past year, which has come to this understanding as well, is Salt Lake, Utah-based, American United Federal Credit Union.

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