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Ladies and Gentlemen: You are Now Presenting!

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By Paul Nunn

Allow me to set the stage: One Monday morning senior management asks you to train the staff on a new procedure. Telling management that you don’t feel comfortable doing so might become a career-limiting move, so you agree and spend the next few days anxiously putting together a PowerPoint slide deck presentation on procedures that includes all of the correct information. The one-hour training session has been scheduled for 2:00 pm on Friday. The day arrives and, although you’re confident that you’re as prepared as you can be, you feel increasingly anxious as you wait for all of the trainees to show up. Everyone arrives on time. The lights go down and you begin. The first fifteen minutes pass quickly and, suddenly, you’re startled by a noise emanating from somewhere in the room. To your horror, you recognize the sound: It is snoring, not crickets.

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