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How to Say ‘No’ – A Guide on Saying it Effectively

Remember, saying no doesn’t have to create bad feelings if you show a little empathy.

Follow these simple tips and you might just get a little less resistance from people.

By Carl Van

We all have to say “no” at times. Some people find it easier than others. What is interesting is that almost all of us struggle with the right way to say it.

People who hate to say no find it hard to do, and sometimes do something much worse than hurt someone’s feelings. They either don’t say anything, which passively sends an incorrect message of “yes,” or they say no in such a way that the other person doesn’t really know what is being said, sending the message of “maybe.”

People who don’t mind saying no don’t find it hard to do, but can lack the skills to do it gracefully and very often instill hard feelings, even when that is not their intent.

For those of you who have no problem saying no, but need a little guidance on how to say it more effectively, here are some tips:

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