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How to Reach Me

How to Reach Me: A Hispanic Millennial

by Miriam De Dios, Coopera CEO

Screen-Shot-2015-01-08-at-1.19.22-PMWith all the buzz on reaching today’s Millennial generation, it’s only fitting we take a look at the make-up of this prime market, of which I happen to be a member. With 43 percent of Millennials being non-white, we are America’s most racially diverse generation. Hispanic and Asian immigrants and their children have largely contributed to the spike in diversity among Millennials. Hispanic Millennials, in fact, are the second-largest Millennial group, comprising 21 percent of all Millennials.

So what makes us different? Studies on Hispanic Millennial cultural identity and habits indicate that our group tends to be more home-oriented, has a larger influence on family purchase decisions and is more entrepreneurial than our non-Hispanic Millennial counterparts. In addition, we tend to be more optimistic about our own futures, we are early adopters of technology, and we are trendsetters. As President/CEO of Pinta, Mike Valdes-Fauli points out, Hispanic Millennials are not acculturating; we’re shaping the broader culture. One of the most important characteristics of my generational group is that we want to stand out and be recognized as Hispanic. We are focused on our Latino culture and we reward brands and organizations that acknowledge this pride in our heritage.

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