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Enhancing the User Experience with Analytics

Building out the perfect user experience for a member has never been an easy task – it can seem like a never-ending series of changes, fixes and enhancements. Those are often proceeded by user research, usability testing, internal testing and even live limited release testing with members. The ultimate goal of this entire process is to achieve the best solution for the member.

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There is another tool that has been around for some time that is often overlooked when it comes to the user experience, yet it can provide profound learnings and insights into the actual experience members have with the channel. And that tool is none other than analytics.

Traditionally, data and analytics have been used for marketing and product strategies. However, there are some key aspects analytics can provide that will help with user interface (UI) design. For example, how many members have logged in once to your mobile app but never again? What drove them to the app initially, and what is keeping them from using it again? Are they using a different channel such as online or the contact center?

Another example is using analytics to discover what features are most commonly used and, even more importantly, which ones are not. When analyzing activity, one key factor for identifying potential issues is abandoned processes. Identifying a trend in this area can mean a function may be unclear, over-complicated or just not a good fit in that particular channel. After all, it is important to put the right services in the right places, and not all channels should necessarily have identical functionality.

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