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Dynamic Inbound Call Tracking – An Essential Tool with the Growth of Mobile


What if your credit union had a way not only to determine where its inbound call leads were originating from but also to analyze their behavior as they convert into actual sales? Dynamic call tracking provides such invaluable insight. See how it can give your CU a competitive edge over the competition.

Mobile technology has changed the way consumers research products and services.  Today’s consumers have access to information 24/7 on their smartphones. This constant availability transforms their shopping behavior into a series of “micro-moments,” where they search in smaller doses whenever and wherever they like. Such a dynamic affects all large purchase decisions, including those for financial services.

Prospective members of credit unions also collect information online repeatedly before taking action. And while the research phase of their journey happens online, once they do decide to take action, engagement typically begins with a phone call.

According to the Center for Media Research, in 2015, digital channels drove 92 percent of calls to businesses. That’s up from 84 percent in 2014, a reflection of the importance of phone calls in the path to conversion.

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