Digital Is the New Traditional



Developing campaign and media strategies can be confusing for credit unions. Where do you get started? Smart CUs begin with digital. Keep reading for why modern digital is fast becoming today’s traditional approach. These tips will help you harness the ever-changing digital world to your CU’s advantage.

When it comes time for a credit union to begin thinking about building a marketing campaign strategy, whether that campaign be brand focused, product focused or for general awareness, the best place to start is with their current digital presence. From there, the CU can get a good feel for where it currently stands with the use of digital channels and develop a campaign strategy that is appropriate.

Why is starting with digital the smart move for the development of a credit union’s media strategies? Digital is the new traditional.

When it comes to digital marketing, the creation of a successful strategy depends on understanding your goals and focusing your efforts. This is not at all unlike the focus needed for traditional media. The difference comes when you begin to treat “digital” as one big bucket rather than separating out where to spend the time and money for the most effectiveness. Today’s digital world is changing so quickly, so effortlessly, that what’s here today can literally be gone tomorrow.

Of all the ways members can encounter you, digital advertising channels have the ability to be the most ubiquitous and complex. As long as you understand your audience and how members are connecting with your credit union brand, you can successfully navigate the digital marketing waters.

Doing Your Research

Knowing where you’re going and what you want to accomplish is the first part of any strategy. Starting with digital channels will help you hone the strategy for the rest of the campaign. It will also enable you to select tactics and channels that will better accomplish those goals.

The beauty of digital is being able to use data gathered through various forms of research to make informed decisions on where to spend your hard-earned marketing and media budgets. Measure your digital strategy’s reach and potential using the following methods:

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