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In a world where disasters affect members and communities unexpectedly, leaving individuals scared, unsure and in distress, the Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) is taking a proactive approach to collaborate with their member credit unions and support disaster preparedness. With their pioneering initiative, “We CU Care,” CCUA is facilitating partnerships that extend beyond a standard giveback initiative, and builds relationships between credit unions, members, and community members, to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by disasters. By leveraging the power of collaboration and philanthropy, CCUA is transforming the way credit unions engage with their communities and reinforcing their commitment to social responsibility.

Doubling every dollar:

Under the We CU Care program, CCUA has launched a groundbreaking campaign in collaboration with the American Red Cross, a renowned humanitarian organization providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education. The Double Your Dollar initiative unites credit unions across CCUA’s membership – Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island – with the shared goal of making a difference in the lives of those affected by disasters.

Double Your Dollar is going beyond the traditional check presentation and creating an opportunity for lasting credit union impact. The initiative differs in a few ways:

  1. No Fees
    • The CCUA ensures that every donation is made and received free of charge so that 100% of every donation reaches the Red Cross. There are absolutely no fees for the donor or the nonprofit in this campaign.
  2. Communication
    • The CCUA, supporting credit unions, and the American Red Cross will engage donors and encourage them to donate throughout this month-long initiative.
  3. Doubling the Impact
    • We CU Care will match each individual’s donation with funds generously pledged by CCUA credit unions.

Empowering credit unions and members:

At the heart of the We CU Care initiative is CCUA’s commitment to empowering credit unions and their members. By providing a platform for credit unions to connect with their members in a philanthropic endeavor, CCUA enables them to fulfill a core mission of community support and engagement.

“The credit union industry focuses on improving the quality of life for their members, families, and communities—that is the goal of the We CU Care Campaign using the NetGiver platform,” said Melissa Pomeroy, CCUA Chief Revenue Officer. “Generous pledges made by our credit unions demonstrate the commitment to community philanthropy and support a vital cause. Helping our credit unions partner with their membership doubles the overall impact and creates stronger member engagement for the future of the credit union industry.

CCUA understands that credit unions are leaders in the financial industry, uniquely positioned to make a significant impact in the nonprofit giving space. By facilitating partnerships between credit unions and their members, CCUA acknowledges the inherent power within the industry to drive positive change and foster a deeper connection to the communities they serve.

The importance of disaster relief:

Disasters can strike without warning, leaving individuals and communities devastated. In the CCUA’s footprint alone, the American Red Cross responded to over 1,100 fires in the last year, providing crucial support and resources to impacted residents. In selecting the first recipient of a We CU Care’s match initiative, CCUA sought a widely known organization that has deep ties to their entire region.

“The American Red Cross has been fantastic to work with and collaborate with. They are extremely active in all our communities, and show a true commitment to giving back,” says Pomeroy of CCUA. “The American Red Cross does a remarkable job responding to disasters of all sizes, I love learning about – and being able to support – the impact they make in our communities. We are honored to partner with an organization like the Red Cross on our first credit union league-wide We CU Care initiative.”

The Cooperative Credit Union Association’s We CU Care initiative empowers credit unions to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to social responsibility, while strengthening their relationships with members and creating a lasting impact. By supporting the American Red Cross and leveraging a no-fee giving platform, credit unions and their members are amplifying their giving, doubling the impact of every donation and enabling the American Red Cross to provide vital relief and assistance to disaster-impacted individuals and communities. CCUA’s We CU Care initiative serves as a template for credit unions across the nation, showcasing the power of true collaboration.

To make your own donation and have your impact doubled, visit: my.netgiver.app/redcross

To learn more about Double Your Dollar, visit: netgiverapp.com/redcross

About the Cooperative Credit Union Association

The Cooperative Credit Union Association is a regional trade organization serving as the voice for nearly 180-member credit unions located in the States of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. CCUA member credit unions hold combined assets in excess of $73 billion and serve a collective membership base of more than 4.7 million consumers. Last year, CCUA credit unions provided more than $500 million in direct financial benefits to their members and had a combined financial impact on their states surpassing $5 billion. For more information, visit www.CCUA.org.

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