Deliberate Transformation – The Rising Tide of Technology


Business models are changing, and when it comes to technology, there are options for meaningful, cost-saving change.

By W.B. King 

The devastating impacts of Hurricane Irene became personal to my family. My cousins own a motel and modular home business in Prattsville, N.Y., among the hardest hit areas. It’s a sleepy little town in the Catskills not far from Hunter Mountain, a ski destination.

The river, which curves its way through the town of approximately 800, rose and rose to record levels. In mere hours, what took 35 years for my cousins to build was all but wiped away including human life. Modular homes, adjacent properties, family heirlooms, and some prized possessions like my cousin’s mint condition 1967 red corvette were also lost in the flood. In the end, they required rescue from the National Guard. Now they are broken and rebuilding. It reminded of the time I spent in New Orleans post-Katrina. I went up to lend a hand and was awestruck by the reality¬–¬National Guard troops, FEMA response teams and many lost souls all trying to make sense of the disaster.

As I drove away, I looked at this town that will take countless years to rebuild. I then looked to my passenger seat as I had notes and files for the various projects I was involved in writing, one of which was the debt ceiling crisis.

We, as a country, raised the debt ceiling once again in August, which marks the 74th time it was raised since 1962, and the eleventh time since 1996. There were heated debates, a lot of political hemming and hawing, but in the end, the Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed by the Senate in a vote of 74 to 26 and in the House of Representatives 269 to 161. The bill was designed to reduce the nation’s $14.3 trillion deficit by at least $2.1 trillion throughout the next 10 years. After signing the legislation, President Barack Obama said “It is an important first step to insuring that, as a nation, we live within our means.”

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