What Can Print Do in a Digital Age? Six Reasons to Include Print Ads in Your Campaigns



Is your credit union relying solely on digital advertising? If so, you could
be missing out on a golden opportunity to expand your market. Learn why
traditional advertisements, including print ads, are still relevant today when it
comes to securing CUs a better return on investment.

Digital marketing is fantastic. It’s low-cost, narrowly targeted and carefully integrated with your ordering system. With digital marketing, your members can go from prospect to purchase without putting down their cellphones.

Yet online marketing systems are just one weapon in the advertisement arsenal. Just like it’s a bad idea to ignore the power of digital advertising, it’s an equally poor decision to rely on it exclusively. There’s still a place for billboards, radio spots and yes, even print advertisements.

Reports of print advertising’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Such ads offer a unique set of advantages to a comprehensive marketing strategy that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether you use direct mailers, newspaper or magazine ads, or leaflets, there are ways to expand your market reach.

When you’re formulating a comprehensive marketing strategy, don’t forget about the benefits print advertising can offer. The expanded reach, bolstered credibility and constant reminders will help boost your name recognition and secure you a better ROI. Here are six benefits of using print advertisement.

1.) Print is tangible.
An Internet ad goes away as soon as the user closes the tab. That one exposure is the only chance your ad has to convert an impression to a sale. Even if consumers think about the advertisement later and decide it’s a solid investment, they may not be able to find their way back to the page where they saw the digital ad, or a different one may have rotated into that place even if they do find their way back to it.

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