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Credit Union Training and Development: The Time is Now!

By Ken Gonyer

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.58.01 AMRemember 2010? Three years ago, your credit union was probably in survival mode. Belts were tightened and, like everyone else in the financial world, it’s likely you were wondering if you’d seen the worst of what we now call the Great Recessi

on—that unstable, uncertain time full of contradictory economic news.

In this tension-filled, lightning-paced season of financial instability, strategic thinking focused on the near future and planning for more than one year at a time didn’t seem to make any sense. As a result of this shortsighted thinking, companies made dramatic spending cuts on long-term investments such as employee training and development.

Now that the economy has shown consistent signs of improvement, many organizations are playing catch-up and are allocating significant funds for workplace training. The last year showed modest increases in staff development spending throughout the credit union industry.

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