Coping with the Never-Ending Challenge of ATM Compliance


By Gary Walston

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.41.11 PMATM compliance is a perennial challenge, but doesn’t it seem now that it is coming more frequently, with more force and with more cost?

The combination of more complex networked ATMs utilizing PC-based operating systems with networks and regulators trying to protect sensitive customer data has led to the never-ending need to upgrade or replace ATMs.

Some might say it all started with Y2K. Since then there have been a litany of compliance requirements at the ATM mandated by either the various networks (MasterCard or Visa, aka Cirrus or Plus) or federal and state banking laws.

Here is a brief timeline of the most significant:

  • 2000: Y2K
  • 2005: Triple Data Encryption (3DES)
  • 2006: IBM OS/2 End of Life
  • 2009: PCI, Encrypted PIN Pads
  • 2012: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • 2014: Windows XP End of Life
  • 2016: Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV, chip card)
  • 2020: Windows 7 End of Life

Every two to three years, a new mandate or requirement comes along that forces credit unions to make major decisions regarding upgrading and replacing ATM equipment in order to remain compliant. Unfortunately for credit unions, no sooner do you spend money to become compliant than you have to start worrying about another compliance requirement coming down the road. That means you have to evaluate your ATM network all over again, spending more time and more money.

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