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Building “The Plan” for New and Existing Members

By Jack Kelly Jr.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.54.25 AMHow do you construct a plan that is tailor-made for all of your members whether new or existing? You might begin by asking yourself a few very simple questions: Do you provide your members with a financial life plan? When you say no to a new or long time member are you putting the relationship on hold or, worse, are you jeopardizing the relationship altogether? When you say yes to a member are you doing the appropriate follow-up to grow and nurture the relationship?

How you answer these questions will tell you a lot about how much business you’re leaving on the table and how many members you may never hear from again. While these may be tough questions, you need to ask them: once you come to grips with the answers you can move forward to build “The Plan” for your members.

The best time to build new lifetime relationships is whenever a new member joins your credit union. After all, they were motivated enough to drop what they were doing and come see you for whatever reasons—reasons you need to know—and were ready to make a change the moment they walked through your door. Sadly, too few credit unions are taking advantage of this great opportunity. Why?

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