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Attack of the E-learning Course!

By Paul Nunn

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.18.16 PMI recently ran across a cartoon strip about an employee who was taking an e-learning course. After the first few sessions the employee’s boss came over to his desk and asked him, “Well, what have you learned?” The employee replied, “Click next to continue.”

Many of us have sat through our share of required compliance or safety training courses and they are almost always the same: Lots of text, a few boring pictures and, if you’re lucky, a video. You mindlessly scan the riveting content and click on the “next” arrow until—without warning—the QUIZ screen pops up. “HUH?!? Oh man, I should have been paying attention.” So you stumble through the questions, retake the quiz a few times and eventually you pass. Congratulations.

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