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“Amp” Up Your Mobile Site To Boost Member Conversions


If your credit union’s conversion rates are lackluster, your mobile site’s loading speed could be to blame. Don’t let slowdowns send would-be clientele elsewhere. Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) can help keep your CU in the fast lane with today’s growing number of mobile device users.

The speed at which your credit union’s mobile site loads can cost you – in terms of both website visitors and potential member conversions. Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) help solve this common (and costly) pain point, bringing important information to the forefront, improving the overall user experience and ultimately strengthening conversion rates.


In the past five years, the ways that Americans access the Internet have changed greatly. Desktops and laptops have taken a backseat to smartphones, tablets, phablets and other mobile devices for web browsing and content consumption. In fact, a mobile device is the only way more than 31 million Americans access the web – a number that’s expected to grow to 41 million by 2020. As mobile devices continue to become more sophisticated and pervasive, a mobile-first way of thinking is even more integral from a competitive standpoint. Credit unions that treat the desktop experience as the first online interaction for potential members are misaligned with current web user behavior and trends.

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