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Adjustment Periods – ‘Business’ and “Change’ Go Hand-in-Hand

Five suggestions for making the change process easier and more successful.

By Danita Johnson Hughes

These days, it seems that the words “business” and “change” go hand-in-hand. From dealing with regulatory changes and economic shifts to responding to new customer demands and emerging technologies, sudden and externally mandated changes affect organizations of all sizes.

When change is forced upon you, making the shift is often more stressful and more difficult than when you thoughtfully decide to take your organization in a new direction. After all, making a change that you plan for is exciting and filled with opportunity, while making a change due to outside forces putting pressure on you is filled with risk and unpredictability.

Unfortunately, most organizations resist these externally mandated changes and are slow to respond. They fear the risk involved, and as a result they miss many opportunities. Change under external circumstances is scary because you often don’t know if the changes you’re making are going to work. Additionally, the change may mean you have to alter your company’s values or culture, and those sorts of changes don’t come easy.

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