A New Tool Gives Every Credit Union the Power to Make Advanced, Informative Comparative Analysis


When it comes to analyzing performance, looking at your credit union’s metrics in isolation doesn’t shed enough light on whether you’re truly crushing the competition or have more room to grow. Context always gives a fuller, more insightful picture.

For credit unions to gain a deeper, more accurate understanding of how their credit union is performing, context matters. A more informed picture emerges by knowing how other credit union peers are performing – but, that data hasn’t been available in a readily accessible format.

Now, an intelligent new solution is available to credit unions that want a better understanding of their own essential performance metrics, and how they compare against a multitude of peer groups. CUCompare was developed by credit union data analytics provider CU Rise Analytics specifically to offer advanced, easily-performed analysis so credit unions can compare with confidence.

After registering for a free account, any credit union can access rich troves of information within minutes. CUCompare runs on data obtained from NCUA on all federally insured credit unions and is updated every quarter.

The basic version is free to all credit unions. With an affordably-priced paid subscription, more advanced analysis and greater functionality is unlocked. Here’s a look at how CUCompare can deliver insights for every credit union user.

Home Page: Performance At-A-Glance

After  logging in the CUCompare home page provides users with an instant snapshot of their credit union performance. View the latest key growth metrics such as total assets, members, deposits, and loans, and see how current performance compares year-over-year.

Credit unions can also view trend lines around loan and deposits, tracking percentage growth by quarter during the previous five years. Average product balances, penetration rates, and rates are also visible.

CUCompare is organized by four main actions:

  1. Analyze
  2. Benchmark
  3. Compare
  4. Forecast

Analyze: A Detailed Look Trends

Credit Union

The Credit Union page provides a detailed picture for your own, or another credit union.  Year-over-year (YoY) trends are broken down by quarter for metrics such as growth rate, income details, performance ratios, product details and risk behavior. In addition, this page visualizes a CU’s income distribution over time (broken down by quarters) and shows the distribution of share and loan accounts.


The State page shows how credit unions are performing overall in your – or another – state. It aggregates growth rate, income details, performance ratios, product details and risk behavior for a selected state and shows the trends by quarter. Visualize an entire state’s income distribution over time, with a breakdown of shares and loan accounts.

Free Benchmarking Report

For all users, CUCompare will automatically generate a free benchmarking report based on your state and asset band. Through visual and colorful charts and graphs, see how your credit union compares in categories such as income distribution, risk rate, delinquency, performance ratios, growth rates and product penetration against others in your state, and nationally in your asset band. This report can be easily exported as a formatted, shareable PDF.

Benchmark: In-Depth Comparisons (Paid Subscription)

Peer Benchmark

The Peer Benchmark page offers deeper and more flexible comparisons beyond the free peer benchmarking report. Select the asset band and state of your choice for an instant analysis of your credit union’s comparative strengths, as well as possible opportunities to capitalize on. For your personal selections, see how your credit union measures against the average key metrics such as assets, loans, deposits, members, branches, performance ratios, income distribution and more!

Custom Peers

Create a custom list of credit unions that CUCompare will use in ‘custom peer’ comparisons on the Compare and Build Your Metric pages.

+10/-10 Peers

Compare the performance of your credit union against the 10 credit unions immediately above and below yours in asset size, at either the state or national level. Look across metrics such as growth rate, income details, performance ratios, product details and risk behavior against credit unions and sort by metric or total assets.

Compare: Watch Trends for Specific Comparisons (Paid Subscription)


The Trends page allows users to explore a variety of specific comparisons to view trends across the previous 24 quarters. For chosen metrics, compare your credit union to:

  • The national average
  • Credit unions in a chosen asset band
  • Any state average
  • Any credit union in the U.S.
  • +10/-10 peers
  • A custom peer group

Build Your Metric

This page provides ultimate flexibility to hone in on the performance metrics most pertinent to your credit union. Mix and match queries to drill into your comparative performance, and further customize the analysis with options to add, subtract, multiply or divide the results.

Forecast: Anticipate Future Trends (Paid Subscription)

By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, CUCompare creates ‘on-the-fly’ forecasts that project future credit union performance based on actual trend data. Using Time Series methodology that derives predictions based on past trends and cyclicity of data, the Forecast feature offers an indicative projection for the next sixteen quarters. (Though it makes the best prediction possible, actual results may differ.)

Financials (Paid Subscription)

This module, just released in July 2020, offers a window into a credit union’s financial condition. Concise, yet detailed reports break down the composition of assets, liabilities, and P&L statements, and show the percentage change by quarter or year-over-year.

Coming Soon!

The data scientists at CU Rise Analytics are continually looking for ways to enhance CUCompare and add new features. Planned future developments include geo-representation of credit union branch networks, additional financial ratios, and improved forecasting with new comparison scenarios.

Through the opportunities created by data analytics, CUCompare is a powerful new way for credit unions to more deeply understand key performance indicators. It can be an important ally in strategic decision-making for credit unions of any size and ambition. Start comparing with confidence for free today at

Suchit  Shah is the COO of CU Rise Analytics, a leading data analytics and business intelligence CUSO headquartered in Vienna, VA. Learn more at

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