4 Ways to Avoid Internet Outages in Your Office


The internet is a critical element of modern work, but network outages cost you both time and money. These are ways to avoid internet outages in your office.

Credit unions run on a strict timetable, and an internet outage can be incredibly detrimental to workflow, frustrating both customers and employees. Network outages can be devastating for many businesses because the internet is so ubiquitous in the modern workplace.

However, there are a few ways to avoid internet outages in your office. Here are some tips to prevent this disaster so that customers always have access to their finances when they need it.

1. Search Your Network for Any Weaknesses

Whenever there is downtime at the bank, make it a priority to run through your entire system to expose potential internal and external weaknesses. You can’t fix a weakness that you didn’t know about.

Therefore, being proactive, rather than reactive, about cybersecurity threats is crucial. In addition, going through a cybersecurity overview will protect your network against hacking and online theft.

2. Use High-Quality Network Equipment To Stay Professional

Many businesses try to save on expenses by purchasing discounted equipment for work. However, as the old saying goes, “You get what you paid for.” It is never a good decision to expect low-cost equipment to perform a high-quality job.

Whatever money you save in the short term will be nothing compared to the amount you’ll spend in the future when an accident happens. Robust hardware keeps your network reliable and fast. Installing a fiber-optic internet connection increases productivity that you’ll lose otherwise due to slower connections.

3. Operate a Redundant Connection as a Backup

Banks need a strong internet connection so that clients always have access to their money. Losing the internet for even a few hours is devastating, so a redundant connection is the best way to prevent downtime and losses.

If one computer is down in a network, it might just be a problem with the ethernet, in which case you can try a few easy fixes to get you back up and running. But without redundancy, this one point of failure in the network could bring down the entire system. A redundant connection does not just consist of wired and wireless connections from the same provider, though.

Different network carriers and providers create redundant connections. This way, one network can keep running to prevent a system failure while the other receives troubleshooting.

4. Utilize Power Backups So Electricity Is Always Available

Power outages are inevitable for any business, and banks are no different. When electricity is unavailable, businesses can’t function properly, and customers aren’t likely to continue using services from companies with frequent technological issues. However, one way to prevent this situation is by using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which provides backup battery power when electricity is unavailable.

The moment your power goes out, a UPS will supply electricity to your IT systems. Be aware, though, that they can only serve as a temporary solution and usually only last a couple of hours.

Overall, there are numerous ways to avoid internet outages in your office. Now that you know which ones work best, follow these steps to prevent a network outage.

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